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A streamlined scientific approach to the dynamics of bulk materials handling at transfer points, Regardless of belt speed, belt width, material size, shape or throughput, the WEBA System eliminates problems associated with conventional transfer chutes and provides cost effective, environmentally friendly solutions.
WEBA cascade chute model.  The WEBA cascade design is perfect for most aggregate applications. Cascade chutes are used in quarries and mines worldwide

  1. New Projects
  2. -Ultimate design configuration
  3. -Best belt cleaning arrangement
  4. -Ideal material flow
  5. -Selection of optimum belt type
  6. -Selection of optimum belt size
  7. -No spillage
  8. -No start-up period problems
  9. -Bo bulky desigN
Company  Number of Chutes Material
AEP Amos 9 Eastern Coal 
AEP Sporn 3 Eastern Coal
AEP Cardinal 1 PRB coal
AEP Oologah 2 PRB coal
AEP Tanners Creek 2 PRB coal
Ameren Coffeen 1 PRB coal
Ameren Rush Island 4 PRB coal
Ameren Laberdie 6 PRB coal
Ameren Edwards 2 PRB coal
Ameren Souix 2 PRB coal
AECI New Madrid 1 PRB coal
AECI Thomas Hill 1 PRB coal
Dynegy Baldwin 2 PRB coal
Dynegy Havana 2 PRB coal
Dynegy Vermillion 1 PRB coal
Duke Energy - Beck Jord 5 Sin Fuel
TVA - New Johnsonvile 1 Eastern coal
Lone Star 2 Clinker
First Energy Sammis 1 PRB coal
KCPL Lacynge 2 PRB coal
Midwest Gen. Fisk 3 PRB coal
Midwest Gen. Joliet 2 PRB coal
Midwest Gen. Will country 1 PRB coal
Nipsco Michigan City 1 PRB coal
Nipsco Schafer 2 PRB coal
Nipsco Baily 1 Eastern Coal
OVEC Kyger Creek 8 PRB coal
Peabody Energy North Antelope Rochelle 3 PRB coal
Springfield Utilities South West Station 1 PRB coal
TECO Tampa Electric Coal Terminal 1 PRB coal
National Gypsom 1 Gypsom
Budwieser 2 Midwest Coal
University of Missouri 1 Midwest Coal
Monterey 2 Midwest Coal

Over 100 successful installations in the United States and over 2750 installations world wide .Please review our list of successful United States' installations.  If you would like some one to contact you regarding a transfer chute, please send and email to custserv@powertechniques.net or call 1-800-425-2346

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